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Böckstein - Bad Gastein - Gasteinertal
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Gastein Healing Gallery - unique worldwide

Health and Energy from Gastein's Mountains - live pain-free, naturally!

The combination of high humidity, warmth and radon deep inside the Radhausberg in Bad Gastein makes the Gastein Healing Gallery a form of therapy unlike anywhere else on Earth. Long-lasting pain alleviation, reduced need for medications for as long as one year as well as immune stabilization, are amongst the scientifically proven benefits of radon therapy in this Healing Gallery in Austria.

The success rate is approximately 90 percent.

Healing climate

Radon healing effect?

Radon-222 is mildly radioactive, which is the basis for its use as a form of therapy. As it decays, it releases high-energy alpha radiation which, even in very small doses, produces therapeutic effects.


Area of application

The most important indications

Chronic pain and functional disorders in case of diseases affecting the locomotor apparatus; Regeneration, circulation and immunologic skin balance disorders; disorders of the respiratory tract, ...


The sequence

Therapy Sessions

The Gastein Healing Gallery offers therapy sessions at set times throughout the day. After you have been examined by a doctor you will take a 2 km train ride into the mountain.